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How to separate stuck glass joints in organic chemistry

and the user may injure themselves by cutting their hands.

If you ever find yourself in a case where you are unable to open a glass joint, you will want to use the fastest and most effective method available. Below are some suggestions for your consideration.

  1. Freezing method: place it in the freezer for approximately 1 hour, then remove it.
  2. Heating method: for a short length of time, use a hair dryer with a hot air eat sweep.
  3. Immersion method: soak in water and try to open the plug with the end of the plug as far as possible in the water. You can soak in hot water again if required. 

    4 manual method: gently hit the joint with a slightly harder item, paying care to the moderate strength.

  1. Use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove the stuck glassware parts and run it for a few minutes.

Cleaning jointed glassware immediately after use, in between the plug and the topic of a piece of paper, away from the oven and other heat sources, is critical.

Furthermore, jointed glassware parts are easily reacted with lye's hydroxide ions to generate water glass, therefore glassware containing lye does not utilize them (NaSiO3, with viscosity).

Of course, the best way to avoid an issue is to avoid it in the first place by establishing good testing methods.

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