How to transfer solids with a weighing paper into a conical vial

To transfer solids with a weighing paper into a conical vial, you can follow these steps:

  1. Place the weighing paper on the balance and tare it to zero.

  2. Using a spatula or scoop, carefully transfer the solid sample onto the center of the weighing paper.

  3. Lift the corners of the weighing paper and bring them together at the top, forming a cone shape around the sample.

  4. Slide the overlapping edges of the weighing paper further together to create a smaller opening at the bottom of the cone.

  5. With the tip of the cone facing downwards, gently insert it into the conical vial, making sure not to spill any of the sample.

  6. Once the tip of the weighing paper is inside the vial, gently tap the weighing paper to release the sample.

  7. Use a spatula or other tool to remove any remaining sample from the weighing paper and transfer it into the vial.

  8. Repeat as necessary until all the desired sample has been transferred.

  9. Once the sample is transferred, close the vial with the appropriate cap or closure and label it with the necessary information.

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