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Glass Anti-splash Adapter 100mL with Standard Taper Joints

Glass Anti-splash Adapter 100mL with Standard Taper Joints

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A glass anti-splash adapter is a laboratory accessory that is used to prevent liquid from splashing out of a container during the experimental process. The adapter is made of glass and has a standard taper joint, which allows it to be easily connected to other laboratory glassware.

The 100mL capacity of the adapter refers to the maximum volume of liquid that it can hold. This adapter is designed to fit containers with standard taper joints of the same size, typically 24/40 or 19/22. The adapter is placed on top of the container and is secured with a clip or clamp. The liquid is then poured into the container through the top of the adapter, which directs the flow of the liquid into the container and helps to prevent splashing.

The glass anti-splash adapter is a useful tool for laboratory experiments that involve handling liquids, especially those that are volatile or reactive. It helps to minimize the risk of spills and increases the accuracy and precision of the experimental process.

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