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Laboy Glass Soxhlet Extractor Set 55/50 3pcs Lab Glassware

Laboy Glass Soxhlet Extractor Set 55/50 3pcs Lab Glassware

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Description:The Laboy glassware Soxhlet extractor set is designed for high efficiency extraction with minimal solvent usage. This method allows for multiple automatic extractions of the sample material contained in the soxhlet thimble. Compared to steam distillation, solvent extraction occurs at a lower temperature, preventing dissociation of compounds in temperature-sensitive plant extracts.
The set includes a glass Soxhlet extractor with 55/50 upper and 24/40 lower joints, an allihn reflux condenser with a water-cooled inner drip joint at the bottom, and a 300mm jacket length. The overall height is 405mm with a joint size of 55/50. Additionally, an all-glass soxhlet thimble with a sealed-in fritted disc with pore diameter ranging from 20 to 35 渭m is included.
Soxhlet extraction is widely used in the laboratory for extracting compounds from solid materials, especially for determining crude fat content. The method involves extracting the fat from a sample using a solvent. Additionally, it can extract essential oils from plant material using food-grade solvents.
All Laboy glassware is made of high-quality borosilicate glass according to ASTM E438 standards. The ground joints are precisely grounded according to US standard, ensuring a durable and reusable design.
The Soxhlet extractor,also named fat extrator, is used for solid-liquid extractions. The glass Soxhlet extractor set with 55/50 upper and 24/40 lower joint including:
1.Condenser ,allihn reflux condenser with a water cooled inner drip joint at bottom ,the jacket length is 300mm,Overall height is 405mm,the joint is 55/50. 2.Soxhlet extractor tube, with 55/50 upper joint and 24/40 lower joint.
3.Extraction thimble, glass, O.D.X Height is 45x130 mm, the porosity is C.
Soxhlet extraction, also referred to as continuous extraction, is a highly effective method for extracting compounds from solid materials. This technique is widely used in the determination of crude fat content, where the fat is extracted from the sample using a solvent and its weight is measured. The Soxhlet extraction method is recognized as a classic and preferred standard method for grain and oil analysis around the world.
The principle behind the Soxhlet extraction method is based on the solvent reflux and siphon principle, which allows for the continuous extraction of solid matter using a small amount of solvent. In this discontinuous extraction process, the extraction solvent is evaporated and re-condensed in the allihn condenser above, and then falls onto the solid material being extracted. When the liquid level of the solvent under reflux in the extraction chamber exceeds the siphon tube of the Soxhlet extractor, the solvent flows back to the round bottom flask, and siphoning occurs. With each cycle, the solid material can be extracted by pure hot solvent, resulting in a higher extraction efficiency. The solvent is reused, and the extraction time is reduced, making this technique an efficient and cost-effective method for laboratory extractions.
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