Collection: Adapters

The jointed glass adapters are made by hand-blowing and made of high-quality borosilicate glass (similar to Pyrex) that can be heated directly in an open flame and will withstand typical laboratory thermal variations in synthesis processes like heating and cooling.

Glass adapters are all with interchangable ground joints,either standard taper joints or spherical joints,the inner and outer joints with same size can be fit together.

When two glass apparatus with different-size joints or with both inner or outer joints,a glass adapter is needed to place in between to connect them.sometimes,we also need joint clips or pinch clamps placed around the joints to hold the joints.

Take an example:

For either standard taper joints or ball-and-socket joints, inner and outer joints with the same numbers are made to fit together. When the joint sizes are different, ground glass adapters may be available (or made) to place in between to connect them. Special clips or pinch clamps may be placed around the joints to hold them in place.

Take an example:

When we need connect a round bottom flask with outer joints at  single or multi-necks and a conenser with outer joint at top ,a three-way distillation adapter can help.The three-way adapter has an inner joint at top which can fit the flask,and an inner joint at 75 degree angle side arm can fit the condenser.The upper outer joint at the adapter can be accomodate a thermometer adapter or a stopper.