Collection: Condensers

A hand-blowing glass condenser with standard joints is an apparatus used to condense substance from its gaseous to its liquid state.In a distillation,with or without applying vacuum,after the liquids were brought into the gaseous state through heating,the condensers can be applied to pass a vapor flow over the chamber in the jacket.In simple form,liebig condenser (with a single glass tube in the jacket) provide cooling.The hot vapor passes through the inner tubing,and a cooling fluid passes through the outer jacket to reduce the gas temperature.

Depending on the chemical components being separated, the required operating temperature and the scale of the process , different types of condensers and means of cooling are used. To maximize the surface area of vapor-liquid contact and heat exchange. Many types of laboratory condensers—Allihn condenser,Coiled condenser,Graham condenser,Reflux condenser, cold finger condenser are been applied.