Collection: Inlet Adapters

Gas inlet adapters with serrated hose connections and taper joints are used in laboratory settings to connect gas lines to glassware. These adapters typically consist of a glass tube with a taper joint on one end that fits into the glassware and a serrated hose connection on the other end that can be connected to a gas line.

The taper joint on the adapter is designed to fit tightly into the glassware, ensuring a secure and leak-proof connection. The serrated hose connection is designed to hold a rubber or plastic hose securely in place, providing a flexible connection between the gas line and the glassware.

Gas inlet adapters are commonly used in a variety of laboratory applications, such as gas chromatography, gas collection, and gas scrubbing. They help to create a gas-tight seal between the glassware and the gas line, which is essential for many types of chemical processes.

When using a gas inlet adapter, it is important to ensure that the adapter is properly fitted into the glassware and that the hose connection is securely attached to the gas line. This will help to prevent leaks and ensure that the gas system operates effectively.