Collection: Vacuum Take-off Adapters

The vacuum take-off adapters feature standard top female and lower male joint with sealed-in drip tip.
The serrated hose connection has a 10mm O.D. at the largest point to lead to a vacuum source ( such as a water aspirator or vacuum pump) with rubber tubings.
The vacuum take-off glass adapter is used during distillations to connect two other piece of jointware to each other.
After the vapor is condensed and cooled with a liebig or graham condenser,it drips into the vacuum take-off adapter.
If the distillation is carried out at reduced pressure, a round bottom receiving flask will be placed on the adapter and the 10mm serated hose connection at side arm will connect to a a souce of vacuum.

Vacuum take-off adapters with interchangeable taper joints are used in laboratory settings to connect vacuum lines to glassware. These adapters typically consist of a glass tube with a taper joint on one end that fits into the glassware and a hose barb or other connector on the other end that can be connected to a vacuum line.

The taper joint on the adapter is interchangeable, which means that it can be replaced with a different size or type of joint as needed. This allows for greater flexibility and compatibility with different types of glassware and vacuum systems.

Vacuum take-off adapters are commonly used in a variety of laboratory applications, such as vacuum filtration, distillation, and refluxing. They help to create a vacuum seal between the glassware and the vacuum line, which is essential for many types of chemical processes.

When using a vacuum take-off adapter, it is important to ensure that the adapter is properly fitted into the glassware and that the vacuum line is securely attached to the other end. This will help to prevent leaks and ensure that the vacuum system operates effectively.