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Laboy Glass

24/40 Distillation Receiver w/ Hose Connection&3pcs RBF 3 Pcs Clips

24/40 Distillation Receiver w/ Hose Connection&3pcs RBF 3 Pcs Clips

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DESCRIPTION: This distillation receiver features three 24/40 inner joints and one outer joint, designed for use with a short-path distillation head. The receiver also includes a hose connection for added convenience. The kit is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and is suitable for use in distillation processes.
USE: The distillation receiver is used in combination with a short-path distillation head to collect the distilled liquid. The 24/40 inner joints allow for easy attachment to other standard jointed glassware, while the outer joint is used to connect to the short-path distillation head. The hose connection provides an additional option for connecting to other equipment or for draining the collected liquid, including connection to a vacuum system to enhance distillation efficiency.
DIMENSIONS: The exact dimensions of the distillation receiver will depend on the specific product and manufacturer. Please refer to the manufacturer's specifications for accurate measurements.
HEAVY WALL: The glass receiver is heavy-wall designed, made of high-quality borosilicate glass, and annealed at high temperatures for durability and resistance to thermal shock. It can withstand typical laboratory thermal variations during heating and cooling and is reusable.
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