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Glass Graduated Acid burette Capacity of 50ml With PTFE Stopcock Lot of 3pcs

Glass Graduated Acid burette Capacity of 50ml With PTFE Stopcock Lot of 3pcs

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A glass graduated acid burette with a capacity of 50ml and a PTFE stopcock is an essential tool in any laboratory that deals with acid-base titrations or other similar experiments that require precise measurement and dispensing of acid solutions.

A glass graduated acid burette is a laboratory instrument used to measure and dispense precise volumes of acid solutions. It has a capacity of 50ml and is made of high-quality glass, which makes it resistant to chemical reactions and easy to clean. The burette is graduated with markings to indicate volume measurements.

The PTFE stopcock on the burette is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, a material that is resistant to many chemical reactions and can handle a wide range of temperatures. The stopcock allows for precise control over the flow of the acid solution and ensures accurate dispensing of the desired volume.

The burette is commonly used in acid-base titrations, where a known volume of an acid solution is slowly added to a base solution until the equivalence point is reached. The burette is filled with the acid solution, and the stopcock is opened to allow the solution to flow out slowly. The volume dispensed can be read from the graduations on the burette, allowing for accurate measurement of the volume added to the base solution.

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