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Glass Advanced Lab Glassware Kit for Distillation and Synthesis | 29 Pieces

Glass Advanced Lab Glassware Kit for Distillation and Synthesis | 29 Pieces

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COMPONENT----It has a 3 way distillation adapter,a 3 way thermometer adapter,a claisen adapter, a vacuum take off adapter which are commonly used in a distillation apparatus;and a liebig condenser,an allihn condenser,an graham condenser, a distillation column for multi-purpose;It also includes a 250mL 2 neck round bottom flask,a 500mL 3 neck flask,a 1000mL 2 neck flask.a 1000mL single neck flask,a 250mL separatory funnel,penny head stopper,24# plastic joint clips etc.
1.Three way claisen adapter for connecting ,featuring two outer joint at top for extra entries. 1pc
2.3 way thermometer adapter ,with combined function of a thermometer adapter and a 3 way distillation adapter.1pcs
3.Vacuum take-off adapter,used to connect the glass condenser and the receiving flask in a distillation apparatus. 1pcs
4.3 way thermometer adapter with a top outer joint ,the two inner joints are at the bottom and 75掳angle side 1pcs
5 2 neck round bottom boiling flask, capacity of 1000ml,used as distillation flask or receiving flask.1pcs
6.Single neck 1000mL round bottom boiling flask,heavy wall design,with standard taper 24/40 joint.10cs
8.2-neck 250mL round bottom flask with 24/40 joints. 1pcs
9.Liebig condenser 300mm with 24/40 joints 1pcs
10.Vigreux distillation fractional column with 24/40 joints 1pcs
11.300mm graham condenser with 24/40 joints 1pcs
12.300mm Allihn condenser with 24/40 joints 1pcs
10.250ml Separatory funnel with 24/40 joints 1pcs
11.24/40 penny head hollow glass stopper 4pc
12.24/40 plastic clip for standard taper joint,10 pcs
13.24/40 powder funnel 100mm O.D. 1pcs
14.24/40 erlenmeyer flask 250mL 1pcs
All items are made by hand-blowing ,with uniform wall thickness. USE------The 3 way distillation adapter,3 way thermometer adapter,liebig condenser,round bottom flasks are all used for a distillation apparatus.The claisen adapter supply an extra joint to attach an separatory funnel for adding or other purpose.The allihn condenser,graham condenser can be used as reflux condensers.The separatory funnel with joints at top and bottom can be used for liquid-liquid extraction and as an addtion funnel.
DIMENSIONS-----This is a advanced lab glassware kit including the most commonly used Jointed lab glassware in organic chemistry for synthesis,distillation,reaction,reflux etc,all the joints in this kits are 24/40.And the kit includes 29 parts in total.
HEAVY WALL ---This lab glassware is heavy-wall designed , made by hand-blowing according to ASTM E438 ,made of high-quality borosilicate glass and annealed at 800 degree Celsius ,can be heated directly in an open flame and can withstand typical laboratory thermal variations in Chemistry processes like heating and cooling,durable and reusable.
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