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Laboy Glass

Glass Chromatography Column With Reservior and Taper Joint

Glass Chromatography Column With Reservior and Taper Joint

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Glass Chromatography Column With Reservoir and Taper Joint is a laboratory apparatus used for separation and purification of individual chemical compounds from mixtures of compounds. This column has a glass tube with a taper joint at the top and a PTFE stopcock at the bottom for controlling the flow of the eluent. It is often used for preparative applications on scales ranging from micrograms to kilograms.
The column comes with a reservoir attached to the top, which is useful for holding a larger volume of the mobile phase, thereby increasing the efficiency of the separation process. I
The chromatography column has a 24/40 joint with a PTFE stopcock. The Laboy glass used to make the column is of high quality borosilicate glass and is hand-blown to ensure uniform wall thickness.
Since the chromatography column is used with positive air pressure, it is highly recommended that operators use the column behind a safety shield to prevent any accidents.
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