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Laboy Glass

Laboy Glass Organic chemistry laboratory glassware kit 23 pcs

Laboy Glass Organic chemistry laboratory glassware kit 23 pcs

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Design: This distillation apparatus is designed with precision to ensure optimal functionality during use. The apparatus includes 16 different components that have been hand-blown with uniform wall thickness to ensure durability and consistency in performance. The cork stand is designed to hold the 500ml flask firmly in place during distillation, and the plastic clips are included to provide a secure fit for the standard taper joint.
Distilling thermometer adapter 3-way 24/40 - 1pc
Distilling column condenser vigreux 200mm in indentation length with 24/40 joints - 1pc
Liebig condenser with 24/40 joint 200mm in jacket length - 1pc
Distillation receiving set complete 24/40 - 1pc
Single neck round bottom flask 24/40 500ml - 1pc
Cork stand 120mm in diameter for 500ml flask - 1pc
24/40 plastic clip for standard taper joint, 10 pcs
The distillation apparatus is designed for use in laboratory settings to separate and purify liquids based on their boiling points. The included components work together to facilitate this process, with the thermometer adapter and distilling column condenser allowing for precise temperature control and the Liebig condenser facilitating the condensation of the distillate. The receiving set and flask are used to collect the purified liquid for further analysis or use.
Material: high-quality borosilicate glass, annealed at 800 degrees Celsius
Craft: heavy-wall designed and hand-blown for uniform wall thickness
Guarantee: Laboy offers a 100% 40-day money-back guarantee on this product.
This standard Schlenk flask features a round bottom, pear-shaped design with a ground glass joint and a side arm that can be fitted with a PTFE stopcock, glass stopcock, or high vacuum valve. The 2mm PTFE stopcock allows for precise control over the flask's exposure to a vacuum manifold on a Schlenk line, making it an essential tool for air-sensitive reactions.
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