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Laboy Glass

Glass Schlenk Tube with Standard Outer Joint and Glass Stopcock at Sidearm

Glass Schlenk Tube with Standard Outer Joint and Glass Stopcock at Sidearm

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Design: The Glass Schlenk Tube is a laboratory glassware designed for use in air-sensitive reactions. It features a standard outer joint and a glass stopcock at the sidearm, which allows the user to pull a vacuum on the tube or to fill it with an inert atmosphere. The ground glass outer joint is used to connect the tube to other apparatus or is plugged with a glass ground stopper.
Function: The Glass Schlenk Tube with a sidearm is commonly used in air-sensitive reactions, as it allows for the manipulation of the reaction environment without exposing it to air. The standard outer joint allows for easy attachment of a variety of laboratory equipment such as condensers, thermometers, or vacuum lines. The glass stopcock at the sidearm provides a convenient means for vacuum application or inert gas introduction.
Material: Laboy Glass uses high-quality borosilicate glass to make their Glass Schlenk Tubes, which are annealed at 800 degrees Celsius to increase their strength and durability. The borosilicate glass is resistant to thermal shock and chemical corrosion, ensuring that the tube can withstand harsh laboratory conditions. Laboy glass tubes are heavy wall designed, made by hand-blowing to ensure uniform wall thickness.
Guarantee: The Laboy Glass Schlenk Tube comes with a 100% 40-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the tube for a full refund, no questions asked. This guarantee reflects the high-quality and durability of Laboy glass products and ensures customer satisfaction.
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