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Organic chemistry laboratory glassware kit 16 pcs

Organic chemistry laboratory glassware kit 16 pcs

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Design: This distillation kit includes 16 essential components for your lab setup. The pieces are designed with 24/40 standard taper joints, making them compatible with a wide range of lab equipment.
List: The kit includes the following items:
Distilling thermometer adapter 3-way 24/40
Distilling column condenser vigreux 200mm in indentation length with 24/40 joints
Liebig condenser with 24/40 joint 200mm in jacket length
Distillation receiving set complete 24/40
Single neck round bottom flask 24/40 500ml
Cork stand 120mm in diameter for 500ml flask
24/40 plastic clip for standard taper joint, 10 pcs
Function: This distillation kit is designed to provide you with all the essential components needed for distillation processes. The 3-way thermometer adapter, condensers, and receiving set allow for precise temperature control, while the plastic clips ensure a secure connection between the components. The cork stand provides stability for the round bottom flask during heating.
Material: All components are made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is annealed at 800 degrees Celsius to ensure durability and resistance to thermal shock. The heavy-wall design and hand-blowing process result in uniform wall thickness for each piece.
Guarantee: Laboy offers a 100% 40-day money-back guarantee on this product, ensuring that you are satisfied with your purchase.
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