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S.S Stainless Steel Multi-Function Chemical Fume Hood

S.S Stainless Steel Multi-Function Chemical Fume Hood

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Product Description:
Fume hood model SW-TFG-15   Working principle Fume hood has built-in multi-function power outlet for easy use of other equipment in the laboratory. The quick-opening faucet is used to facilitate experimental water use. The front glass baffle can be moved up and down, and the fan is placed on the top to extract the toxic and harmful gases in the experiment. The working surface can be equipped with a water tank to facilitate the discharge of the experimental residue through the water tank to protect the experimental environment safely and reliably.   Characteristic 1. Using fireproof high-density board material as the frame, the experimental area is made of stainless steel or PP veneer, and the sealing is good. 2. Negative pressure form effectively discharges the experimental gas in the working area 3. Digital display LCD control interface, fast and slow two speeds 4. The working area is all SUS304 stainless steel or PP material, easy to clean and anti-corrosion 5. Standard configuration diameter 160mm, 1 meter long exhaust duct and elbow 6. Work area is equipped with a five-hole socket 7. Optional work area sink and faucet   Technical Parameters
Wins speed
0.25-0.45 m/s
Working area size(W*D*H)
Overall dimension(W*D*H)
Fluorescent lamp speciifcations and quantity

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